Injection molding is a widely used method to manufacture high-precision plastic products. However, the complex molding operations that include maintaining plastic temperature and internal pressure throughout the process open room for expensive errors. These mistakes lead to quality issues ranging from minor surface defects to major ones that can affect a product’s safety, performance, and functionality. Improper tooling designs and selection of inappropriate material—raw material mixed with impurities—further complicates the situation for players across the field. These challenges are multiplied when it comes to medical tools, components, parts, or devices owing to stern regulations and patient safety issues. To this end, it has become essential for businesses to find an appropriate plastic manufacturing solution that meets their specific product requirements.

This is where VEM Group comes in. Having extensive knowledge of plastic injection molds, the company offers expert insights on every part that needs to be manufactured. VEM’s capabilities cover everything from design assistance for a part or product, mold design and build to molding the parts and assembling them, and then testing the products to ensure quality. “We combine design and engineering expertise to fabricate tools and plastic parts to deliver fit-for-purpose manufacturing solutions,” says Marc Weinmann, President and Founder, VEM Group. More importantly, even during the unprecedented challenges the pandemic brought, the company never shifted its focus of serving clients better. It has adopted various technological tools to remain connected with its customers while enabling them to remotely attend mold trials and production. VEM has allowed a full virtual audit of their factory. “In the last few months, we have been awarded new projects through virtual audits,” Weinmann adds. The company also seamlessly handles all the documentation requirements for clients.

A typical client engagement at VEM begins with assisting in part design and building a prototype mold to produce samples for clients’ approval. Once the prototype is approved, VEM builds the mass production mold, runs production, and qualifies the parts. The plastic parts are then mass produced using the injection molding process. All parts are tested following specific testing procedures to ensure quality standards before forwarding them to the assembly line. The assembly process is performed in a white room or cleanroom, depending on specific client requirements and testing protocols.

We combine design and engineering expertise to fabricate tools and plastic parts to deliver fit-for-purpose manufacturing solutions

“Our certified cleanroom enables us to develop and assemble sensitive medical parts, ensuring the highest quality control consistently,” says Weinmann. Lastly, the company completes the necessary documentation and ships out products to their clients.

Not stopping there, VEM also helps clients when they face pricing and quality issues with existing products. Providing an all-in-one plastic product manufacturing solution, the company today serves a plethora of clients across different industries, including medical, automotive, and consumer. One example, a client had a long-term production agreement with a supplier in China and got hit with 25 percent import duties to the U.S. It became crucial for them to move production to the U.S. or Mexico, but the majority of this customer’s component suppliers were in Asia. VEM rescued them from this situation by moving production to its Thailand facility. The production molds were transferred to Thailand and ancillary components, like tubing, were received in from existing suppliers from China. The company now assembles their parts in VEM’s Thai factory at a lower cost and VEM saved this client significant costs.

As with many of its successful projects, VEM helps clients overcome production challenges when other manufacturers struggled to succeed. What drives VEM’s success is its diverse work environment that brings various cultures, languages, and ideas into the firm, allowing them to serve clients better. It also continually embraces new technologies and focuses on software for efficiency improvements to deliver flexible and full-service manufacturing. Keeping up with the market needs, the company is investing in high-end machines, 3D steel printing, and software. Apart from that, VEM Group is expanding its facilities into various locations worldwide due to the ongoing localization trend to offer more production, especially in the medical space. “We aim to deliver standardized and quality manufacturing solutions and tools for plastic injection molding and assembling all the parts effectively and cost-efficiently,” concludes Weinmann.