Andrew Cummings, Product Sales Manager, Molds, ZAHORANSKYAndrew Cummings, Product Sales Manager, Molds
Competition is an inevitable part of the business world. There will always be players in the marketplace that offer similar products or services. But it is worth noting when a company has been constantly maintaining a leading position, and consistently providing high-quality solutions that meet the unique requirements of its customers for years. German manufacturer, ZAHORANSKY, is one such forerunner.

Established in the early 1900s, ZAHORANSKY initially focused on building brush and broom manufacturing machines. In fact, they developed the first brush, drill, and tuft machine, and brought forth a new era in brush production. Since then, ZAHORANSKY has grown into an innovative and high caliber equipment manufacturer of injection molding tools, automated solutions, final packaging machines, and turnkey applications. Today, the company is recognized as a leading manufacturer of plastic injection molds for the medical devices industry, whose clients include pharmaceutical firm, multinational consumer goods corporation, Procter & Gamble (P&G). Andrew Cummings, product sales manager, molds at ZAHORANSKY, says, “From design to production, we can take on an entire project and offer everything a client needs—under one roof.” This includes technical consulting on usage, feasibility analyses, as well as product optimizations that are tailored to the needs of the client.

Elucidating the benefits of ZAHORANSKY’s solutions, Cummings informs, “Modern-day plastic injection molding requires more than just tailor-made injection molds. There is a need for innovative solutions that can handle process control and optimize production efficiency. ”And, that is precisely what ZAHORANSKY offers. The firm offers automation and injection molding components—from granulate to the packaged and palletized end product. Through these offerings, ZAHORANSKY is addressing one of biggest challenges in the injection molding industry: the inability of manufacturers to meet the timelines. To that end, the company works closely with each client to ensure that the project planning and implementation are on point, the timelines are met, and the quality of the product is maintained.
“We have a good open dialogue with our clients, where we clarify the details and required product specifications,” he adds. This allows ZAHORANSKY’s injection molds to reach optimal performance, precision, quality, and reliability.

From design to production, we can take on an entire project and offer everything a client needs—under one roof

In the last 10 years, ZAHORANSKY has had a lot of success in the medical devices arena and continues to develop injection molds for everything from magnets, carrier systems, syringes, and needles, and recently started with liquid silicone rubber applications. In an impressive feat, the organization helped a startup that lacked the equipment needed for molding needles and prefilled syringes. ZAHORANSKY developed a technology that not only met their quality standards but also timelines. “In fact, with regard to the COVID-19 situation, we recently helped them develop injection molding solutions for respiratory masks and medical containers to hold vaccines,” mentions Cummings.

Not long ago, ZAHORANSKY established a new division dedicated to medical devices and appointed a new director to oversee the growth of the department and the organization. “It is an area where our clients get a huge cost-benefit out of ZAHORANSKY’s products. That is where we see ourselves growing,” states Cummings. Alongside, ZAHORANSKY is looking forward to expanding its geographic footprint across the U.S. and worldwide. “The industry is changing at breakneck pace. ZAHORANSKY is transforming as well— with the products and services we offer and in the way we work. We are passionate and will continue to strive for perfection in developing solutions that meet the persistent demands of our clients, with heart, soul, and perseverance,” concludes Cummings.