Gene F. Thomas, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Star Glo Industries, LLCGene F. Thomas, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Incorporated in 1950, Star-Glo Industries (SGI) has steadily progressed over the years to emerge as a leader in Swiss screw machining, rubber, rubber-to-metal components, and assemblies. Unlike other players in the market that specialize in either metal machining or rubber molding, the company integrates both under one roof. The company delivers effective end-to-end solutions for the next generation manufacturing challenges, all the way from prototyping to mass production. As such, since inception, complete vertical integration remains to be the cornerstone for SGI.

Today, SGI offers comprehensive services including Swiss screw machining, traditional computer numerical control (CNC) turning and milling, redi-rollers off-the-shelf, rubber-tometal bonding, and rubber molding capabilities (compression, transfer, and injection molding). The company excels in custom manufactured parts and assemblies and guarantees timely and quality services at an affordable cost. “From prepping the metal insert, molding and grinding the rubber, to shipping a finished part, we cover it all. In essence, we are completely integrated to really hold the ‘job captive’,” says Gene F. Thomas, vice president, sales and marketing of SGI. “We import very few items from overseas. We have a large facility that enables us to warehouse raw material and finished goods, and ship them through Kanban systems.” Besides, being ISO 9001:2015 certified, SGI holds complete control over documentation, all the way from order placement to shipment. Every step is documented and accounted for—from procuring raw materials, production, quality control, to delivering finished goods.

With such wide-ranging capabilities, Star Glo Industries caters to commercial and defense markets as suppliers of component parts and assemblies for lottery and gaming equipment, welding products, electronics, military applications, transportation, aerospace, and firearms. In an instance, SGI helped an eminent lottery gaming client win a large contract with the Ohio gaming commission (Ohio Casino Control Commission.) To win the contract, the client had to quote a very aggressive phase one delivery of lottery machines to the state, which put them under tremendous pressure.
The project entailed machining a metal insert, prepping it, and bonding rubber to it. “The parts were ground, and then the hardware was installed—roller with a sub-assembly. Since we offer all these services in house, we were able to provide the client with sub-assembled rollers in an extremely aggressive lead time,” explains Thomas. All in all, SGI’s endto- end solutions enabled the client to meet their phase one delivery of lottery machines efficiently and bag the contract.

From prepping the metal insert, molding and grinding the rubber, to shipping a finished part, we cover it all. In essence, we are completely integrated to really hold the ‘job captive’

To foster a talent-driven culture, SGI highly emphasizes the value of cross-training employees across different departments. This helps the SGI team to hone their capabilities in a multitude of tasks, and not just specialize in one or two specific tasks. Besides, SGI sharpens its competitive edge in the market by readily re-investing in capital equipment to ensure they are always up-to-date and delivering cost-effective solutions. Not just that, “By adopting a data-driven approach and advanced analytics, we possess a comprehensive understanding of our business and expand in the right areas to render quality services,” remarks Thomas.

Having carved a unique niche in the industry, SGI is planning to increase its investment in capital equipment and potentially purchase more equipment in the future to enhance its services. The company is also looking at upgrading its internal computer system controls through better integration for enhanced performance. Lastly, SGI is also aiming to explore and obtain new certifications, such as AS9100, for extending its services and solutions to the aerospace industry. With a rich technical history combined with a strong dedication to quality, service, and reliability, SGI is well on its way to meet the customer needs of today and tomorrow.