Jennifer Grant, Marketing Manager, HaizolJennifer Grant, Marketing Manager
The COVID-19 outbreak has become a global stress test. In particular, mass-production industries such as automotive and consumer goods are witnessing a sharp decline in the demand graph. Additionally, cancellations of orders fearing financial instability and shipping complications as consequences of the outbreak have plummeted the revenue of manufacturing companies through the floor.

At this juncture, while the onset of the coronavirus pandemic has brought about a set of challenges on one front, on the other, it has also brought to light unique and innovative solutions such as on-demand manufacturing to help companies operate profitably even in an unpredictable demand environment. On-demand manufacturing allows businesses to produce their products only when the demand arises, therefore avoiding overproduction and the resulting storage problems. Markedly, the success of on-demand manufacturing relies on finding a critical manufacturing partner who can respond and produce necessary parts as quickly as possible. Enter Haizol. As one of the leading professional service platforms for custom parts, Haizol bridges the gap between international buyers and on-demand manufacturers with its online sourcing marketplace for original equipment, custom parts, and components. “Our platform can connect supply chain managers with a multitude of vetted on-demand manufacturing services providers,” highlights Jennifer Grant, marketing manager at Haizol.

Notably, Haizol’s key on-demand capabilities include machining and injection molding that encompasses all types of mold making and casting, stamping, and fabrication required in micro-manufacturing. In particular, for injection molding, Haizol collaborates with the best suppliers with the latest injection molding processes and proprietary technology to deliver high quality, low-cost custom made machined components to manufacturers globally. Jennifer comments, “With our widespread global factory network that includes more than 600,000 specialized partners, we can support clients in overcoming any molding challenges.”

The secure online sourcing marketplace,, provides an efficient way to find suppliers, directly connecting buyers with high-quality factories. Buyers can access thousands of manufacturers and suppliers by submitting real-time request-for-quotes (RFQ), and Haizol’s service team assists them at every step from RFQ to delivery. For large orders, Haizol offers tailored services with targeted supplier recommendations. Notably, the marketplace’s matchmaking is done through intelligent AI screening of resources based on process, region, industry, equipment, output value, and certifications. Buyers can also upload pictures of their required parts, and the AI would match them with verified suppliers.

On the other hand, for suppliers, Haizol’s proven capabilities and high brand awareness ensure a significant exposure to a global clientele of 280,000 international buyers.

Our platform can connect supply chain managers with a multitude of vetted on-demand manufacturing service providers

Haizol also organizes monthly online and offline sourcing events to introduce more potential buyers and increase its brand awareness to facilitate accurate matchmaking with high-quality factories. Such comprehensive ondemand manufacturing capabilities enable Haizol to meet the needs of many industries including automotive, aerospace, healthcare, electronics, fabricated metals, heavy machinery, toys, and general consumer goods, across a wide range of product categories.

For buyers who prefer to just deal with one manufacturer and have a streamlined fast service, Haizol offers a one-stop sourcing solution on Haizol Global is the one-stop sourcing and solution (OSS) division of Haizol that helps companies improve their sourcing efficiency with dedicated consulting and project management services supported by strict manufacturing guidelines. The digital supply chain assumes the responsibility of handling the order from start to finish, including quality checking and shipment to reduce clients’ overall cost and on-time delivery. Potential buyers can visit and share their requirements. Based on that, Haizol leverages its team of engineers with over 15 years of programming, designing, and custom coding experience in K3, PDM, Solidworks, and Mastercam, to manufacture the product for them.

Such proven capabilities and Haizol’s ability to offer instant quoting for machine parts and on-demand manufacturing have already made the company a leading name among its peers. With offices spread across China (Shanghai, Suzhou, Dongguan, Ningbo, Shenzhen) and the U.S. (Atlanta & Los Angeles), Haizol is currently supporting customers worldwide. What makes Haizol achieve such resounding success is its reliability among supply chain service providers, both upstream and downstream. Haizol and its secure marketplace stand out in terms of both trust and transparency. To continue to expand its offering to customers, Haizol is now expanding its geographic footprints beyond China, Europe, and the U.S., and increasing its supplier base in Southeast Asia and Vietnam.